Miracle II Soap - The Only Soap You'll Ever Need!

The name Miracle ii came from it being the second miracle that founder Clayton Tedeton experienced. Since Miracle II Soap’s divinely inspired formula was received, numerous household and health treatment testimonials have come in from all over the world.

Why Use Our Soaps & Cleansers

The body gets loaded down with toxins from the many foods we eat that have been sprayed with all kinds of poisons. The toxins go into the body and they cannot get out because the pores of the skin are stopped up from the many oils and cleansers that are made from animal fat. Our body cleanser that will clean all the sweaty, waxy residue from the pores of the face, body and scalp. When this happens, the body works the way God made it to work, to detoxify itself. With our cleanser, toxins can get out of the body instead of settling in joint which can cause arthritis and other problems.

To have a healthier body and mind, you must change what you wash your body, hair and clothing with. Get away from animal fat, alcohol, and petroleum bar soap products. Use Miracle II products and you will see what I am talking about. I have said, “God, I will declare your wondrous works and the testimonies of the people that have seen your glory in something as simple as soap. Lord, it is your commandment that we tell about this.” Those who believe will see His glory!

Soaps & Neutralizers

When you use our cleanser and neutralizer, yeast acids and toxins are removed or stabilized in the body, so the immune system works the way God made it to work. Only God would do something like this. God revealed this to Coach Duke Fields, Sr. in Farmersville, Louisiana. Why not try our products for 90 days, because I know you will have a miracle too!

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Usage Guide

Miracle II Soap has an amazing number of uses. Check out this list of things you might not have thought of...like underarm deodorant!  

Cleaning Guide

Read these guidelines to see our instructions for using our products for everything from light cleaning, to laundry, to killing fire ants!  


Miracle II Soap products are highly concentrated. See how the cleaning power of our 22 oz. bottle compares to the competition!

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